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Full Moon Bath Ritual

If you are a fan of Netflix’s Sabrina the new season was full of twists and turns. Much of the show’s plot is based in legend, however there are slivers of truth spread throughout. For example, moon baths are a…

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Summer Sun 2019

2019 Summer Solstice

The 2019 summer season is officially underway for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere with the June solstice having occurred  Friday, June 21st, at 11:54 A.M. During the summer solstice, Earth arrives at the point in its orbit where our northernmost…

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Following Intuition

Following Your Intuition

Intuition is the unconscious thought process that produces immediate knowledge or solution to any current situation. Intuition pulls from previous experience to directly recognize the entirety of a situation. Intuition can be visionary or delusional and can seem unsettlingly correct…

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Sound Wave

Healing Frequencies

Many cultures throughout the course of human history have believed sound and vibration play a fundamental role in the life of all living things by affecting physical, mental and spiritual levels. Following this line of inquiry, many cultures have experimented…

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Steps To Ground Yourself

Grounding Yourself: Earthing in Simple Steps

The Earth is like a gigantic battery that contains a natural, subtle electric charge. For safety and stability, almost everything in the electrical world is connected to it. Grounding yourself, also known as Earthing, is putting the body in direct…

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