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Astrological Houses

The Astrological Houses

The Astrological Houses I am sure that you know there are twelve signs of the zodiac and there are also twelve houses of the zodiac.To make the houses a little more understandable I will give a short and somewhat simple…

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Planets And Sun Astrology

Astrology: The Planets

The Planets We have already talked about how the twelve signs represent the whole human and the three groups that divide the signs. The mental, the emotional and the insightful. We also talked about the four elements that divide the…

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Astrology: Astrological Cusps

The influence of the twelve sun signs last for one month of the year. The beginning and ending dates fall pretty close to the dates listed in the below¬†chart. The changeover from one sign to another does not happen like…

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Astrology: Karmic Lessons

I have already mentioned how astrology and numerology are reliable sciences that help explain some of the many aspects of our lives. These sciences, of the ancients, help bridge the gap between the heavenly bodies and human life. We talked…

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