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Candle Lighting: Color Attributes


Candle lighting dates back countless millennia. It is believed that lighting candles can connect the physical world to the spiritual world.

There are several different colors that are lit all relating to a wide spectrum of desired outcomes or overgoasl as the burning candles are said to help facilitate many endeavors.

Each color in the spectrum is said to produce a seperate healing or aiding power. Today we explore several common candle colors and their said attributes.

green candle

Green Candle: Green symbolizes success, lighting a green candle for someone could help balance money issues. Green candles can also be used to help reach maximum fertility. The green candle is said to help balance mind, body and spirit.

White Candle: This candle symbolizes the highest level of consciousness. This candle is also lit for protection, balancing life, and healing powers. Burning of a white candle is said to help engage our spiritual guides to receive messages.

Purple Candle: To many, purple symbolizes inner peace. This color can also symbolize our third eye, spirituality, and hidden knowledge. The burning of a purple candleis said to aid in tuning psychic abilities.

blue candles

Blue Candle: Blue often symbolizes healing. The burning of a blue candle is often performed when someone is actively healing and this can be applied for both  physical and emotional healing.
Orange Candle: Orange is a happy color, therefore orange symbolizes joy. The lighting of an orange candle can help attracting new things into your life.
pink candle
Pink Candle: Friendship, and love is what pink is all about. When lighting a pink candle a person  can usher in new friendships and more love into your life.
Red Candle: Energy! passion, and much more, lighting a red candle can bring fertility, energy, and more passion into your world.
These are just few examples of colored candles. The power of lighting candles has been applied through many different endeavors throughout human history ranging from the aid of healing the sick to balancing finicial problems.