Bug Dreams

Bug Dreams are very symbolic of what is happening in your life, whether is be relationships, job, or your social life. If you are having a problem in your everyday life you should be paying attention to what your bug dream is telling you, pay close very close attention, this could symbolize what you should be doing.

Not many people like bugs, however seeing them in your dreams is not a bad thing, they are sending you a message on how to solve your current situation, it could also be showing you a goal you want to accomplish, or a situation you need to deal with.

Each bug has a job they do for their survival, so each bug you dream of will have certain meanings, dreaming about ants for instance all have a specific job in their ant farm, they are hard workers, strong, they can find food, build a nest, etc. So to dream about ants can mean you are stressed about taking on other peoples problems, you may have a problem not thinking about yourself, and need to learn how to do so.

No matter what bug you are dreaming of, there is a meaning to each one, so make sure you are listening and remembering what your dream is trying to tell you.



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