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Broom Superstitions

broom superstitions

When we think of brooms- What’s the first thing that usually pops into our heads about superstitions?  Witches right?

Well, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind, but surprise surprise, it isn’t what broom superstitions are about. So let’s discover what comes with broom superstitions.

With any superstition comes good and bad, but of course there is usually more bad than good and brooms are no exception.

Purchasing A Broom In May

One of the many superstitions concerning brooms happens to be about purchasing one.  According to this superstition it is not a good idea to buy a broom at all during the month of May. ‘Why?’ you ask.. It goes back to the very old saying,  “Brooms bought in May, sweep the family away.” Other related sayings include If you sweep the house with broom in May, You’ll sweep the head of that house away.”

The origins of these superstitions have been lost but it is likely that the Newfoundland influence can be traced to 19th-century England. The superstition was also held by Irish ancestors, they refused to make brooms during the month of May. It was the general rule in Ireland, to gather a stock of brooms, before May Day (1st May) in order that they should last through the month.

If you are ever tempted and just need to have a new broom, April or June will most likely be the way to go if you don’t want that bad luck!

Best Times To Use a Broom


It is said that if you buy a broom which is used to sweep dirt away it only works after it has swept something into your house. I suppose sweeping some flower petals inside from the sidewalk might be nice.. But remember ‘sweeping after sunset will hurt a wandering soul’, or allow no happiness for you!’ Woah!

On a happier note-  Brooms laid across a doorway (like in the above picture) can bring good luck. So that’s something positive if you are okay with handling a broom every time you enter. Also it is said that laying brooms across doorways allows spirits of deceased loved ones to communicate with you freely.

laying broom across doorway superstition

Brooms Keeping Pesky Ghosts Away

If you feel like you are being haunted by a ghost it is said that jumping over a broomstick will keep them from bothering you.

We hoped you enjoyed our latest superstition-themed blog post.  If you know of any other broom-related superstitions feel free to post in the comments below or Tweet us at the Twitter!