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Break-up Dream Meaning


Have you been having dreams about breaking up with an significant other? Are you worried this is going to happen in your waking hours? What do break up dreams really mean? Having dreams about your relationship, can be  the cause of an unresolved issue, however this also could be a really good thing to dream about.


So, when we dream about breaking up with our significant other, this means that in your waking life you need to let go of something, whether it be hard or not. This does not necessarily mean you need to let go of your significant other, this just means there is something in your life that you need to let go, only you will know what that is.


If you are dreaming that your girlfriend or boyfriend is breaking up with you, this means that your relationship is growing, and moving on to the next level. This is the end of something, but does not mean it is the end of your relationship, just a chapter of the past, now you and your girlfriend or boyfriend can move forward.


If you in your waking life did have a break up, but are dreaming that you did not break up with them, this means you are in denial of your breakup, your brain has not yet grasped the concept of your recent break up.