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Black Cat Superstition

Black cats come with a pretty bad rap. Although in Europe they were worshipped, and if you were to kill one it is considered a capitol Crime.
After years of being worshipped in Europe, the cats good luck
turned negative, and they started being associated with witchcraft.
Many people believed that these cats were a sign of bad luck then, and there became a ritual to burn them.
In Britain and Japan having a black cat cross your path is a sign of good luck, however in some other parts of the world, having a cat cross your path freightens people and they think this is a sign of bad luck. One superstition is if a black cat goes under a ladder, then you go under a ladder this will give you bad luck.
Good luck associated with black cats include:
Having a black cat.
Getting greeted by a black cat at your door
Having a black cat enter your home.
Touching a black cat
Bad luck associated with black cats include:
Meeting a black cat early in the morning
Meeting more then one black cat as a time
Going under a ladder after a black cat
Superstitions are just what they are, believe it or not. Everyone has different opinions on certain superstitions, Black cats can also be good luck. Come across one and find out.