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Pricing For Psychic

Psychic Prices -What’s best?

pricing for psychic

Psychic Prices

So you are thinking about going to a psychic? There are many questions that can come up when you are thinking about going. The one main question in your head might just be how much does it cost to go. Now, you may go online check out prices and wonder why they all fluctuate, you may go to one psychic and their price is not the same as another psychic price.

psychic prices

Well, this is also based on how good the psychic is. Psychics and
mediums that are in the top percentile can generally cost between $100 to $350.00 for a one hour reading. But, for psychics that are famous maybe they are on TV or they are an author their rates could be $350.00 to $1000.00 for a one hour reading.


So another question in your mind may be, well why is there such a
drastic difference in prices, does it mean that the higher the price
the better the reading. No! This isn’t the case, many psychics or
mediums that charge a higher rate is because they are more famous,
psychic who have wrote books maybe be charging more money. This does not necessarily mean they are better psychics just because they have wrote a book, or because they are famous. Use your judgement and pay what you feel is right.

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  1. Deep research and a lot of patience is the best way to connect with someone. And it is also good to have a little back ground knowledge of what and understanding in what they specialize in. For example I do like palm readers and what little I know from reading are that lines can change in your hand and certain hands and fingers have dominate traits. And when it comes to the Tarot you can read cards in lots of ways. I like myself the 3 card way that is associated with past, present, and future.

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