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Flower Healing Properties

Benefits of Flower Energy: An Introduction

flower healing properties

Everything in life can interpreted as a form of energy or series of vibrations. Herbalists for example, believe our internal energy is the medium that carries hosts our emotions.

When we experience negative vibrations or energy, we can become scared, unhappy, grumpy, angry etc. Good energy can induce happiness and the vast range  of feelings that come with contentedness.


Just like all living creatures, flowers have a unique energy vibration of their own. These unique vibrations vary with different flower essences. Some having the ability to introduce positive qualities in the consciousness that can help force out negative vibrations of the mind. Flower essences are believed to also strengthen the qualities a person already possesses.

Flower energy healing remedies generally impact our emotional states, because each emotion carries a specific vibrational frequency. Each essence has a unique vibration that can affect these frequencies.

higher conscience

It is believed that by raising one’s vibration frequency, a person can achieve for new or higher levels of consciousness.

Flower healing was popularized during  the early 20th century by English physician Edward Bach.

Bach and his students would prepare their healing remedies by a dilution process that would infuse flowers and water, followed by a sun-bathing process and ultimate stabilization in a solution comprised mainly of water and brandy.


Often regarded as a weed, Dandelion is considered one of the most beneficial healing herbs. Dandelion is a detoxifier that works on the emotional and mental being of a person, said to release repressed emotions of anger, grief, trauma and therefor aiding in the  easement muscle tension in the neck, back and shoulders.

Dandelion tea drinkers often refer to a calmness achieved even for those with a self-described ‘over-active mind’. Dandelion is said to aid in the relaxation of the mind that allows a person to be fully present in the moment.

Stay with us as we explore more specific flower energies in forthcoming posts! If you have a favorite flower energy, let us know in the comments!