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How to protect yourself while being a Sensitive

sensitive abilities

If you are a highly sensitive person you could develop psychic or healing abilities during your life that may not be recognizable at first. People with these abilities are known as sensitives. An average person does not pick up as much information as a highly sensitive person does. This differs from an extrasensory perception, which is someone who has psychic ability also known as ESP.

sensitive psychic abilities

People with this ability can feel things an average person cannot. For example, an average person can feel when they are being touched, but a sensitive can feel other peoples’ emotions. Also, normal people can see a person’s eyes when they are looking at you, but a sensitive may be able to see the aura of that person or feel their energy.

Unfortunately, when you are a highly sensitive person, you may also come across negative spirits or negative energy.

sensitive person

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to only channel your abilities with good spirits. If you happen to be channeling spirits and the energy is feeling negative you will have to stop yourself. Most sensitives do not know they have this ability as is just happens.

Grounding yourself in nature will help you in channeling positive energies. Many psychics agree that the best thing you can do is be in nature or the outdoors, this will help you give you a better grasp on positive energy as you develope your gift.