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Bee Dream Meaning

Have you been having dreams about bee’s? Are they stinging you, or maybe just hanging around you? Ever wonder what it means?


With bee’s comes pollination. Are you wondering if you are pollinating idea’s in your waking life? Meaning nurturing idea’s? Are you wondering where you are going to land in your life?


If you are dreaming of bee’s chasing you this is not a good sign, this indicates that something you were looking forward to that was suppose to be good news, is going to come back to you as a negative thing.


If you are trying to catch a bee in your dreams this is a good thing, you are in control, of all aspects of your life when previously you were not.

Getting stung by a bee can actually be a good thing in your dreams, this could mean that you are going to get some good favors coming your way, maybe a gift of some kind.


If you are dreaming of a beehive, this means you are content with where you are in life, more specifically you are content with your work situation.

If you are dreaming of a bee landing on you, this means you have everlasting love in your life.

And if you are dreaming of dead bee’s this could indicate that you are having financial problems, and should try to get your affairs in order.