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Becoming A Psychic & Understanding Your Skills

psychic-shoolAre You Becoming A Psychic?

Many people have an inclination or desire to become a full-fledged psychic but are not sure where to begin. If you are fairly convinced you are becoming a psychic and desire an introduction to the process, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the different types of psychics (for example, intuitives, empaths, channels, and mediums) and the signs of psychic ability.

How to determine if I have psychic abilities?

This is probably the most common question for new or aspiring psychics, and there is no right or wrong answer. There are many types of psychics and vastly different types of skills. However, the following are a few common signs that may indicate you have psychic ability or are undergoing what is often refereed to the “psychic awakening.” Psychic abilities are categorized in context by the extra-sensory methods to receive insight; examples include clairvoyance (ability to “see” without the use eyes), clairaudience (ability to “hear” without using one’s ears), and so on. Yet, not all with extra-sensory ability are psychic.

1. Do you have a connection to the spirit world?
Psychics often report a higher sense of connectivity with the spirit world—which may manifest  as a sense or feeling of “someone in the room with me.” Often it is one of the first things spiritual advisors learn,  and mediumship is often thought of as a normal progression that follows this psychic awakening. (This can refer to your loved ones that have passed on or the loved ones of others you may or may not know.)

2. Do you have vivid dreams?
Dreams are important part of psychic development. Psychic dreams can manifest in many different forms, but are often described in vivid color and can have significant personal meaning or be prophetic in nature. Many mediums report that they are contacted more often during sleep than when awake.

3. Do you have strong intuition?
Intuition is commonly found in all people. However, for psychics intuition is generally a sixth sense referred to as an insight about events that may or may not come about.