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Why you should Balance your Fifth Chakra

Balance your Fifth Chakra

The Fifth Charka is the first of the three spiritual chakras. It’s located in the neck and throat. Since it is associated with both the ears and mouth it is related to both hearing and speaking. If you are having difficulty with communication you need to balance your fifth chakra.

What is the Fifth Chakra?

The fifth chakra is one of seven major energy centers within the body running along the spine. Each energy center can be recognized by the color it emits. The fifth chakra is represented by a light blue color. It is located in the throat near the base of the neck and rules communication and personal expression. It is also associated with the mouth, teeth, gums, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Fifth Chakra


Keeping the fifth chakra balanced is important for expression. The term “lump in our throat” is a perfect example of this chakra being unbalanced. Not only can your ability to express your emotions be hindered, but physical symptoms can also be a concern. Issues like laryngitis, and thyroid disorders are strong indicators of energy imbalances in this chakra. In order to express your ideas with confidence, and get your point across effectively you need a healthy balanced fifth chakra.


Balancing your fifth chakra can enhance your communication skills. Providing you the ability to easily navigate conversations with differing viewpoints, and express your needs more effectively. You will also be able to relate to others in a more positive way.

Fifth Chakra

Restoring Balance

The most common method of restoring balance is meditation and exercise. However nutrition can also be a factor in the balance of all of your chakras. If the more common methods have not worked for you consider adding crystals to your accessories to help balance the energy. Simply adding a turquoise necklace can work wonders for attracting balancing energy for this chakra

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