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Automatic Writing

Automatic writing

automatic writing

Psychic mediums can use a number of different techniques to commune with the spirit realm. One of the ways to channel a spirit is known as automatic writing. Automatic writing I a great way to use your intuition to contact a spirit. Automatic writing is the process of inviting a spirit into yourself to guide you through channeled writing. If you would like to try to open up to the spirits around you with automatic writing then just follow the steps below.

Set your intentions

Set your intentions

As with any psychic work before you begin you should set your intentions. Decide on a question you want answers for or what you would like insight into. Unblock your mind and move your consciousness to the side so the spirit can truly convey the message to you.


 Surrender yourself for automatic writing
Breathe in and relax. Feel yourself connect to the spirit within you. Breath out feeling yourself expand to create more room for you to connect to your spirit. Surrender everything to your mind, your feelings and thoughts, as well as your body. Remain in this state for the remainder of the time you are channeling your spirit.


 Invoke energy
Reach out into the energy around you asking for whatever spirit you are attempting to channel to guide you.

Make your request

request automatic writing
Since you are channeling with automatic writing you can write your intention or question down on the paper or journal you are using as well as verbalizing it out loud.


Receive automatic writing
This may be the hardest part at first. It may seem like your own thinking providing the answer at first, allow your hand to write it down anyway. Let your hand move as the thoughts come into your mind. It may be just a few words or phrases, or you may find yourself filling pages. You will notice your verbiage and writing style may change since it is the spirit and not yourself actually writing.
Remember as with everything else the more often you practice the clearer and easier it will become. Patience is very important when it comes to perfecting the ability to channel spirits.

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  1. I like this I have heard of this but did not think I could connect since I am older now and a bit sometimes connected with things I think I should try this. Besides like the article states above it can only get easier with practice

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