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Soul Urge Numbers

Numerology: Soul Urge Numbers

Soul Urge or Heart Desire Numbers represent our inner most desires. What we feel in our souls. Feelings of great intensity sometimes without understanding why. They represent what we dream, what we like or dislike and the choices we make.…

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Day Numbers - Numerology

Numerology: Day Numbers

Let’s take a break from our name numbers. We’ll re-visit them in the up coming post. Right now let’s talk about our day numbers. This is the actual number of the day on which we were born. This number is…

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Numerology - Name Numbers

Numerology: Name Numbers

numerology - name numbers

Name Numbers

Nothing gets our attention like hearing our names being spoken. Our name is our identity. Like it or not, our name influences our personality. It is the development of our personality in the now.

Most parents pick our names with a reason in mind. Naming us after relatives, famous people or just because they like the sound of the name.

Whatever the reason, we can now, through numerology, understand the influence our name number has on our lives.

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