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Chakra Crystals And Gemstones

Chakra Crystals and Gemstones

This blog is about how Chakra crystals and gemstones help bring our systems into balance. These stones have a healing effect on us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. They help unblock our chakras so we can maintain balance. Let’s have a…

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7 Chakras

The Seven Chakras pt 1 (Root & Sacral)

This blog is about two of the seven chakras, the Root chakra and the Sacral chakra. The word chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. These balls of energy (chakras) are the centers through which energy flows. They lay across seven different…

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Athena Turns Arachne Into Spider

Words from Mythology pt VII: Arachnid

This blog is about the word arachnid which is any of the eight-legged creatures including spiders. In Greek mythology there lived a human woman named Arachne who was known to be a great weaver. Just watching her weave was magical…

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Amazon Women Warriors

Words from Mythology pt VI: Amazon

This blog is about the word Amazon. In Greek mythology an Amazon was a warrior-like woman who fought and ruled in what is now the Ukraine. It is believed that Amazons were the first warriors to use horses in battle. It…

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Cornucopia With Greek God

Words from Mythology pt V: Cornucopia

This blog is about the word Cornucopia. The cornucopia, meaning horn of plenty, appears at the Thanksgiving table thanks to greek mythology. This is how the story goes… Zeus had a rough childhood, to say the least. His father, Cronus,…

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Morpheus - God Of Dreams

Words from Mythology pt IV: Morphine

This blog is about the word morphine. Morphine is a narcotic drug derived from opium and is used medically to relieve pain. It is also known for its sleep and dream inducing qualities. The origin of this word is really…

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