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Eye Color Meanings

Eye Color and its Meaning

There is an old saying, “the eyes are the window of the soul.” One of the reasons for this saying is that the eyes always tell the truth. Eye color is an inherited trait and is the result of the…

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Water Dreams

Dreams: The Water Dream

No discussion of dreams would be complete without looking at the "water dream". Water is a very common dream symbol. Water is associated with our emotions and our subconscious. Some say it is a reflection of our souls. There are…

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Being Chased Dream

Dreams: The “Chasing Dream”

You wake up a little out of breath and with a quick heart beat. Suddenly, you realize you’re okay. “Thank goodness it was just a dream”, you say to yourself. Experiencing a chasing dream can be quite unsettling. We all…

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Falling Dreams

Dreams: The Falling Dream

We all dream whether we remember them or not. The interesting thing about dreams is that no matter your experience, location, gender or wealth, all humans share universal dreams. Dreams are a way of solving problems while we are asleep.…

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Coca-cola Facts And Myths

Urban Legends pt IV: Cokelores

Coca-cola has been around since about the 1880’s and has been a part of our everyday life and culture ever since. It shouldn’t surprise us then that a whole number of urban legends have emerged. Some of these tales are…

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