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Mabon Altar Creation

How To Create A Mabon Altar

Mabon or Mid-Harvest Festival is a celebration that generally spans the last 10 days of September (September 20th through 29th). This time period is part of a pagan tradition where followers pay respects to the impending darkness. It is said…

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Soul Mates

Soul Mate: Interpretations Will Vary

Whenever we delve into a history around a common phrase, it never ceases to amaze just how wide the scope of varying interpretations can be.  Today's focus on the phrase soul mate, often spelled soulmate, is no exception. Merriam Webster defines…

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Flower Healing Properties

Benefits of Flower Energy: An Introduction

Everything in life can interpreted as a form of energy or series of vibrations. Herbalists for example, believe our internal energy is the medium that carries hosts our emotions. When we experience negative vibrations or energy, we can become scared,…

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Lady Nada

Lady Nada: Intro To Ascended Masters

Lady Nada is another important member of the ‘Seven Ascended Masters’ taught to the students of the Ascended Master Teachings. These masters are spiritual individuals with past lives that include the roles of ordinary humans. These individuals also undergo a series of spiritual…

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Cat Licking Its Paw

Cats: Spirituality & Superstitions pt 1

Cats are considered to be one of the most reputable spiritual creatures across many cultures with more myths and cultural adaptations than we could research in an entire year. Looking deep into these cat-related folklores, we find the feline connection…

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Spiritual Beings: What Are Fairies?

Perhaps not as well known as some of the most popular spiritual beings, Fairies are often considered one of  'nature's angels' functioning as angels  on Earth amongst us. Common interpretations of Fairies can be far-reaching, so we'll stick with some…

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Dreaming Of Bees

Dreaming of Bees

Summertime is here! And hopefully that means you're starting to see some bees out and about.  Bees are of great importance to the planet and humans, and thus the meaning of bee dreams can be of great significance in a…

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