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Burn After Reading Matches

The Write and Burn Ritual

The New Year is almost upon us. This is traditionally a time of letting go of past hurts and looking forward to what awaits you in the future. It is important to released anything that may be holding you back,…

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Full Moon Bath Ritual

If you are a fan of Netflix’s Sabrina the new season was full of twists and turns. Much of the show’s plot is based in legend, however there are slivers of truth spread throughout. For example, moon baths are a…

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Steps To Ground Yourself

Grounding Yourself: Earthing in Simple Steps

The Earth is like a gigantic battery that contains a natural, subtle electric charge. For safety and stability, almost everything in the electrical world is connected to it. Grounding yourself, also known as Earthing, is putting the body in direct…

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Charging Healing Stones

Charging Crystals & Stones for Healing

Crystals and stones have been incorporated in healing rituals throughout history. Crystals hold powerful, healing vibrations which are used to ease worries, bring luck, stimulate chakras, and enhance intuition. When a charged crystal is placed close to the body the…

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Does Everyone Dream Question

Does everyone dream?

Today we delve into a common question that often arises during a discussion focusing on dreams: Does everyone dream? We've all heard someone say, I don't dream. But is this possible?  Can a person sleep without ever dreaming? The short answer…

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Natal Birth Chart

The Natal Birth Chart

Our past enables us to learn in ways that help us understand our future. One method to help us discover what lays ahead for us is the Natal Birth Chart, also known as the Astrology birth chart. The Natal Birth…

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Dinosaur Chasing

Dreams of Being Chased

A dream scenario that people often experience is one that involves or centers around the sense of being chased. Chasing dreams often are described as having a sense that a predator is trailing or giving chase. These perceived predators can…

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