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Varying Values Of Orange

Aura Colors: What Does The Color Orange Mean?

As previously mentioned in our How To Understand Auras: A Guide, each auric level has an associated color; this post focuses on the color orange and examining the hidden symbols, metaphysics, and random facts associated with this popular color. Learning more about colors like this can aid in processing your psychic reading. 
Shades Of Orange



~585-620 nm


Right and Left BrainThis color is predominantly recognized as a balancing force, tied to the logical and conceptual forms of the mental body as well as the reproductive organs. As such, it may be used to:

  • support immunity;
  • relieve certain ailments: digestive, chest, and kidney related; as well as
  • increase sexual potency.


The vibrancy and variant shades have meanings all their own:

  • Bright orange indicates healthfulness and vibrancy, even alluding to the person living life to its fullest. However, when this color dominates an aura, it may indicate an attempt to overcome desires or addictions.
  • Associated with those of strong confidence, orange-reds are reserved those who wield a great deal of personal power.
  • Orange-yellows designate a scientific bent to one’s mind, including perfectionist tendencies. Those with these colors have a penchant for detailed and mentally challenging work.Varying Values of Orange

The appearance of oranges is open to the interpretation of your psychic and the context of your reading, and can also deal with any of the following:

  • an abundance of energy
  • adventurousness
  • courage
  • creativity
  • excitement
  • illumination
  • productivity
  • stamina
  • understanding
  • vigor
  • wisdom


According to the Seven Rays system—developed by Alice Bailey (in which humans are classified into seven metaphysical psychological types)—those that appear on the fifth ray (of “Concrete Knowledge or Science”) are said to “be on the Orange Ray.” And as previously touched on, the belly chakra is closely connected to the color and by extension its associated energy and emotions.The Belly Chakra (Orange)

Random Fact

This color is noted to absorb blue light.Orange And Blue LightFinally, it is also important to be aware that your psychic will be able to better to discuss why you may be drawn to this color for balance and healing—in conjunction with how this color is tied into your own energies and life developments.

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