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Varying Values Of Green

Aura Colors: What Does The Color Green Mean?

Continuing our How To Understand Auras series—discussing how the aura is an electromagnetic field that vibrates at varying frequencies which relate to sounds and colors—this blog post covers the symbolism and metaphysicals connections to the color green. An aura is ever-changing—each person’s affected by their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states—but learning about the possible colors your aura may emit can aid in processing your psychic reading. Shades Of Green



 ~520-570 nm


While green has can be associated with negativity—being referenced in things like inexperience, jealously, and illness—its roots are in nature and growing things. However, this can result in a variety of interpretations (oftentimes contradictory), during a reading. For example, it may represent hope and growth; in other cases, sickness.Green In Nature


The vibrancy and variant shades have meanings all their own:

  • Yellow-greens are linked to those who engage in deep communications.
  • Dark or cloudy green indicates jealousy and resentment.
  • And the closely-related value turquoise designates the ability for powerful healing or to help others discover inner truths.

Varying Values Of Green

The appearance of greens in one’s aura can also mean any of the following:

  • balance
  • blaming others
  • change
  • creativity
  • fertility
  • insecurity
  • regeneration/rebirth
  • sensitivity
  • victimization


According to the Seven Rays system—developed by Alice Bailey (in which humans are classified into seven metaphysical psychological types)—those that appear on the fourth ray (of “Harmony” or “Harmony through Conflict”) are said to “be on the Green Ray.” And as previously touched on, the heart chakra is closely connected to the color and by extension its associated energy and emotions.The Heart Chakra (Green)

Random Fact

This color is often found in the auras of healers (i.e. doctors, nurses, etc.) and those who work in nature; in fact, a forest green indicates a natural healer.Growth And HealingIt is important to be aware that you may also be drawn to this (or any other) color in your everyday life. Your psychic will be able to better to discuss why this happens, as well as how this color is tied to your own energies and life developments.

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