Aura Colors: Meaning Of The Color Black

Psychics are able to process vibrations (which correspond to colors and sounds) from the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things to determine the color(s) that appear in an aura, and what this means for an individual. Learning more about these possible auric colors and their meanings is important as a means to help understand your psychic reading, as well as why a person may be drawn to a specific color to invoke balance and healing in everyday life.

Continuing our How To Understand Auras series, today we’re examining the appearance of the color black—its symbolic and metaphysical meanings.



As black is the total absence of light, this color does not have a wavelength on the “visible light” spectrum.


This color has become closely associated with negative thoughts, emotions, or action—often presented with villainy. Yet this is misleading to its true nature, which is that of unbalance and not necessarily negativity in and of itself; it is holistically considered a manifestation of the unknown or hidden rather than evil. 


Other than unbalance, your psychic may interpret any of the following from this color during your reading:

  • a lack of forgiveness
  • authority
  • forcefulness
  • formality
  • secretiveness
  • shielding
  • stability
  • unwillingness

In the psychic community, it is actually considered one of the most confusing colors to interpret.


Unlike the spectral colors, black is neither associated with Alice Bailey’s Seven Ray System or a body’s chakras; however, it may assist in determining unhealthy areas of the body or spirit. More often, though, it is utilized to promote protection or stability, and help heal conflicts or misunderstandings.

Random Fact

In fact, the color’s definition history is even ambivalent: supposedly its original meaning was to burn, gleam, or shine; followed by a period in Middle English in which it has “often [been] doubt[ed] whether blac, blak, blake, mean[t] ‘black, dark’ or ‘pale, colourless, wan, livid’.”—the Oxford English Dictionary

If this color shows to your psychic, they will be able determine how it is tied to your energies and life developments. Also keep in mind that one’s aura is impacted by physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states, and is ever-changing.

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