Aura Colors and Meanings

Your Aura is your energy that you emit, when meeting someone, you give off different vibes, and colors, Most people cannot see the colors that you emit unless specially trained to do so.  Auras come in a variety of colors.

If your Aura comes across as a rainbow, this means you are a healer.

Yellow: Yellow has to do with your spleen. Bright yellow, means you are spiritual, and you are very playful. Dark yellow, means you are still learning, a student, and are eager to accomplish your goals. Pale yellow means you may have just found your spiritual awakening, or your psychic abilities.

Orange: Bright orange means you are healthy, orange-red means you are very powerful, orange-yellow, you have a very intellectual mind, scientific even.

Red: Dark Red you are independent, and very centered person, you are grounded to the earth, Bright red, sexual, passion, full of life and energy, Clouded red, you are angry, very negative color aura, Pink, you are loving, caring, genuine, a giver. Dark pink, liar, deceitful, immature.


Blue: Royal Blue, you are genuine, have a good heart, you are spiritual. Dark blue, UN-trusting of the world, you like control so its hard for you to look to the future. Light Blue you are very trustworthy, and like to be honest.

Green: Forest Green means you are a healer, Dark green means you are a very jealous person. Yellow-green you like to communicate, turquoise this color is the powerful colors of a healer, you are a natural healer.


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