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Attracting Love

Attracting, love and energy

attracting love

Are you seeking the love of your life? Having trouble just finding love at all? Or maybe you have no trouble finding love, but making the relationship work in love is the problem you are having. But there are some simple steps that you can take to attract the right kind of love that you are seeking. What we don’t understand sometimes, is that there our beliefs take a toll on our relationships, and sometimes we don’t know what we really need, or how to treat the one we are with that makes love last!

Attracting, love and energy

One way to attract love and to keep it, is to realize within yourself what you want, and what you believe a relationship should be. Being confident in yourself, and your partner definitely helps, if you can understand yourself immensely it will definitely effect your love life for the better! Don’t take old garbage to a new apartment would you? Well, also don’t take old relationships into your new one. This will help love last much longer, being confident in your beliefs will also help you attract people with the same beliefs. Believing in yourself and your potential partners, will take you a long way! If you meet someone and just assume they will hurt you or it will never work out, when you do not even really know them, you will make them run from you, and if you are dating someone, and you do not believe in your relationship this is your negative thoughts ruining your relationship which will not attract love for very long!


Love and energy in a relationship
There are certain type of energy you admit when attracting love. You are insecure or secure. When you are using insecure energy, you are either one of these types of people, a taker, or a caretaker. Takers and caretakers tend to find love in each other, both of these insecure energies need something from the other, they are needy, both expect to get what they need from the other person due to feeling empty, and this other person makes them feel lovable. the taker is overly need, demanding, and very self centered.

The caretaker gives everything to this person, hoping that the taker will give them the love that they are seeking to make them feel better about themselves. This is considered a co-dependent relationship, but this relationship usually ends up lacking all love, and you may stay with this person but you lack passion, or it will end because your needs are not being met. This attraction to love is not a healthy way to be, so before taking on a relationship because you are insecure. Try to find a way to become secure in yourself.

Allow love to flow through you

Secure energy- This energy you have is being able to take responsibility for your own happiness, you are confident and fill yourself with love, which in return you can give your love to another person. You are not a taker or a caretaker, you have a self worth, so you are not needy for another person. A healthy person emotionally will be attracted to a secure energy person, so you need to learn to be secure enough to attract a healthy, emotionally stable person to be able to develop a healthy relationship.

There are many ways to attract love, you just need to know yourself above all else before you can make any commitment to another person.

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  1. I like to think I attract love and good energy in by having a positive attitude to all that comes my way. I truly think I do send out a signal that emits good loving energy into the atmosphere. I can feel this energy from Guardian angels and spirit guides that surround me. I love them and so want to thank them for their love. I feel warm with love right now.

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