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Flowers And The Zodiac

What Flower Sign are you According to the Zodiac

flowers and the zodiac

As our gardens go to sleep for the fall and winter months you may be looking to bring flowers inside. So what flowers should you be looking for to bring some life indoors? Read on to find what flowers best suit you according to the Zodiac.

Aquarius: Orchid

Aquarius Orchid flower

The orchid is rare and unique, just like you. Eccentric, and inquisitive, you have an uncanny knack to see the world differently. You use your vision to help the greater good.

Pisces: Water Lily

Pisces Water Lily

Like this wistful and delicate flower, you are sensitive and emotional. You love to daydream and are very creative. Allow yourself plenty of time to indulge your whims and imagination.

Aries: Honeysuckle

Aries Honeysuckle

You are resilient and determined, but charming and elegant at the same time. Like the enticing scent of this flower that attracts bees, you attract people with your personable nature.

Taurus: Poppy

Taurus Poppy

Like this tough flower, you too are resilient. Stalwart and headstrong, you can weather any storm. You also enjoy giving and receiving pleasure through the five senses.

Gemini: Lavender

Gemini Lavender

Lavender’s fragrant blooms spread far and wide and so does your personality. Your animated nature is expansive and touches many people.

Cancer: Acanthus

Cancer Acanthus

Intuitive and observant, you often pick up other people’s emotions. Like this flower, you are extremely sensitive to the environment and your surroundings.

Leo: Sunflower

Leo Sunflower

Big, bold and beautiful, your personality matches the attention-getting nature of this flower. You have star quality and don’t mind taking center stage.

Virgo: Morning Glory

Virgo Morning Glory

Although blooms are interwoven together on a vine, morning glories still appear organized and well balanced, just like you! You know how to turn chaos into a beautifully organized symphony.

Libra: Rose

Libra Rose

The rose is often a symbol of truth, beauty, and balance. You not only strive to achieve these attributes but easily succeed. Social time with loved ones is important for you.

Scorpio: Chrysanthemum

Scorpio Chrysanthemum

Just as this flower’s petals seem never-ending, so do your qualities. There are many fascinating and mysterious layers to your personality. There’s more to discover every day!

Sagittarius: Narcissus

Sagittarius Narcissus flower

People can’t help but notice you. You are tremendously honest, direct and to the point. You make a great philosopher and have an optimistic nature.

Capricorn: Carnation

Capricorn Carnation

This classic flower is such a staple, it is found in almost every bouquet and arrangement. Like the flower, you too are a classic. People rely on you for your strength, power, and leadership.