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Planets And Sun Astrology

Astrology: The Planets

planets and sun astrology

The Planets

We have already talked about how the twelve signs represent the whole human and the three groups that divide the signs. The mental, the emotional and the insightful. We also talked about the four elements that divide the signs; fire, water, earth and air.

In this blog we are going to talk about the planets, including the sun, that rule the twelve astrological signs.

planets astrological sign

Sun rules Leo

Moon rules Cancer

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra

Mars rules Aries

Jupiter rules Sagittarius

Saturn rules Capricorn

Uranus rules Aquarius

Neptune rules Pisces

Pluto rules Scorpio

Meaning of astrological signs in relation to Planets & Sun

Sun represents our deepest self, the self we are trying to become. It is our personal identity.

Moon represents our emotional self. It represents the “why” we do the things the way we do. It also represents all that we keep hidden.

Mercury the quick moving planet. It represents all communication including talking, writing and the quickness of our mind.

Venus represents love,art,sensuality and beauty. It also represents love and our behavior in relationships.

Mars represents the duality between courage and action with violence and aggression. It also helps us accomplish our life goals.

Jupiter represents luck and our development on the large scale goals of our life. It can also represent excess.

Saturn represents the slow teacher. It gives us challenges and problems and influences us through patience and endurance. It helps us to overcome the hardest of times.

Uranus represents change sometimes through revolution. It can sometimes be unpredictable and represent the whole of Society.

Neptune represents all that is spiritual and mystical. It also represents our subconscious and our dreams.

Pluto represents death, rebirth, power and sometimes crime. It also represents all things hidden.


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