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Rising Signs Astrology

Astrology: Rising Signs pt II

rising signs astrology

To refresh your memory from Rising Signs pt I or if you are just tuning in- Your Rising Sign (also known as your ascendant) is the Zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born.

The ascendant represents our personality. It also represents our upbringing and the environment that influenced us as a child. Our Rising Sign is as important as our Sun and Moon Signs. It is how we see the world and the world sees us. Not only does it represent our personality but our appearance, style, and how we act. It is said to be the “you” we wear in public.

Again, we need our date,time and place of birth to find our Rising Sign.  Here is a link for the calculation.

Libra rising

Libra ruled by Venus goddess of beauty. This rising sign is ruled by the kidneys and lower back. Libras are concerned with bringing balance and harmony to everyone. They are lovers of beauty and surround themselves with”the good life”. They love to see everyone have a romantic partner. They are pleasant and agreeable. They tend to be tall and slender. People under this rising sign tend to have dark hair and can be described as “good looking” in appearance.

scorpio rising

Scorpio is ruled by Mars (God of war) along with Pluto. Scorpio rising is ruled by the organs of reproduction and elimination. People under Scorpio rising are extremely intense and let nothing stand in their way of success. They are powerful individuals who are tenacious, determined, secretive and emotional. They can be blunt in their speech and always ready for a contest. Their height can be above average. They have large penetrating eyes with a nose that can be described as “Roman”. They walk with a quick step.

sagittarius rising

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and rules the thighs and hips. People under Sagittarius rising are generally happy and make good conversation. They like to travel and desire freedom in thought and action. They are honest yet they can be impulsive and impatient. Their appearance can be tall and large but not heavy in weight. Their hair is dark in youth but white in their later years.

Capricorn rising

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn “the task master”. Capricorn rules the knees. People born under Capricorn rising have a very serious and heavy nature. They are always striving to rise or climb higher even though they frequently fail. They have a tendency to be opportunistic and can appear to be snobbish at times. They rarely show their sense of humor. They are of average height and lean of body. Facial features are small and sharp and they usually have very dark hair.

Zodiac Aquarius
Zodiac Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles. Peoples born under Aquarius rising are kind and open minded. They are curious and always stand out in a crowd for being unusual. They love attention and are very interested in things that benefit mankind. They tend to be above average in height and are very attractive. They have a full build and a beautiful profile.

pisces rising

Pisces is ruled by Neptune ”king of the underworld”. Pisces is ruled by the feet. This is interesting because people born under Pisces rising don’t always know which step to take next.

They are dreamy, intelligent and extremely sensitive. They get along with everyone until they are let down. These people are non-aggressive toward all things. They are orderly and great with details. Pisces rising are usually small and well proportioned. They have large dreamy eyes and long lashes. Their feet can be unusual in some way.

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