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Rising Signs Astrology

Astrology: Rising Signs pt I

rising signs astrology

Your Rising Sign (also known as your ascendant) is the Zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. It represents our personality. It also represents our upbringing and the environment that influenced us as a child. Our rising Sign is as important as our Sun and Moon Signs. It is how we see the world and the world sees us. Not only does it represent our personality but our appearance, style, and how we act. It is said to be the “you” we wear in public. Again, we need our date,time and place of birth to find our Rising Sign.  Here is a link for the calculation.

aries rising

Aries is ruled by Mars and this planet rules the head. The influence of this planet makes Aries people ambitious and a little impulsive. These people love to have a “heads up” in all situations. They are great starters not so good finishers. They are self-starters so there are a lot of projects that are never brought to their completion. They are quick tempered, they are a fire sign after all, but they do not hold on to anger. Their appearance tends to be tall with a ruddy complexion. Hair may be red or sandy blonde and they have a wide forehead that sports many scars.

Taurus Rising

Taurus is ruled by Venus and rules the throat. It is not surprising that this sign tends to be attracted to public speaking or singing. These people possess a determined nature. They are successful with all things material and especially money matters. They are kind and loving but if pushed too far can be stubborn and even violent. They are of average height with a stout torso. There is a fullness to their features. Their hair may be lighter shades of brown with prominent eyes.

gemini rising

Gemini is ruled my Mercury the God of speed. This gives these people a quick mind. Gemini rising rules the arms, hands and nervous system. These people feel the need to acquire knowledge and to communicate. They have a duel nature and may have more than one career at a time. Gemini is usually slender, not very tall with thin legs. They a seldom over weight and tend to have dark brown hair.

cancer rising sign

Cancer is ruled by the moon and rules the stomach. Emotions play an important roll in the way these people live. They love all things traditional and are family oriented. They can be extremely critical of others while being extremely sensitive to criticism. Cancer rising people are built nicely with broad hips and of medium height. Their face can be round and they have a gait to their walk.

leo sign rising

Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun rules the heart. Leo rising people have a magnetic personality and love being the center of attention. They possess great energy and are good humored. They are popular and have a royal air about them. They usually have a large frame and tend to put on weight as they get older. Their hair grows much like a lion’s main.

virgo rising

Virgo like Gemini is ruled by Mercury. This tends to give Virgo rising a very critical mind. They are ruled by the lower intestinal tract. They tend to be extremely self-critical and worry over whether their work is perfect. They can be very critical of others hoping to improve everyone around them. They are of average height and have a solid build. Their features are very nicely shaped making them very photogenic.


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