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Astrology: Planets and Their Meaning Part 1

planit orbits

We all know that there are nine planets and for astrological purposes we include the sun and the moon. We also know that the planets orbit the sun. They orbit at different speeds, the farther from the sun the slower the orbit and the closer to the sun the faster the orbit.

The closer or “inner” planets move quickly through the zodiac. These planets effect us on a day to day basis and are sometimes called the “personal “ planets. The farther or “outer”planets move much slower around the zodiac. Some like Jupiter and Saturn move through the zodiac every one to fifteen years. They effect larger events in our lives. The Farthest planets like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto move the slowest around the zodiac. These planets effect whole generations.

Here is a list to show the closest and farthest planets from the sun and how long it takes each to move through the zodiac.



Mercury-88 days

Venus-225 days

Earth-365 days

Mars-685 days

Jupiter-12 years

Saturn-28 years

Uranus-84 years

Neptune-165 years

Pluto-284 years

So, if you want to know more about your sign all you have to do is learn more about its ruling planet. That brings me to the next blog.

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