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Scorpio Mythology

Astrology: The Mythology of Scorpio

scorpio mythology

The Mythology of Scorpio (10-23 to 11-21).

Scorpio is Latin for Scorpion.

We can’t talk about the mythology of Scorpio without talking about Orion.

Orion was a handsome hunk who was having a fling with the goddess Artemis. She was a huntress and a protector of animals. All was going well until Orion started bragging to Artemis and her mother Leto that he could kill every animal on earth.

Bad move!!!!

orion fights scorpion

The mother/daughter team sent a giant scorpion to deal with Orion. There was a great battle between the two. No matter how hard he tried Orion could not defeat the scorpion. Finally, the scorpion attacked Orion and stung him on his heel, killing him with his poisonous tail.

This battle got the attention of Zeus who put both Orion and Scorpio in the sky as constellations. He placed them 180 degrees apart so they would not continue to fight in the heavens. This position, however, looks as if the scorpion is always chasing Orion in the night sky.

Scorpio is a large constellation located in the Southern Hemisphere near the center of the Milky Way.

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