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Mythology Of Pisces

Astrology: The Mythology of Pisces

mythology of pisces

The Mythology of Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Pisces is a water sign and there are at least two versions of the story.

The mythology of Pisces begins with the monster Typhon who comes down on Mt. Olympus and threatens to kill all of the gods and goddesses. As they are leaving their home Venus (Aphrodite) and her son Cupid (Eros) try to escape.


They make their way to the Euphrates river where, in one version, they turn into fish and are connected at the tails so as not to be separated. Now, because they managed to escape they become the constellation Pisces, two fish with their tails tied together.

There is another version that goes like this…


Venus and her son Cupid make it to the Euphrates river where two fish approach them and carry them off to safety. Either version finds Venus and Cupid escaping the wrath of Typhon because of two fish.

By the way, our word typhoon comes from the Greek name Typhon!

That’s it for the mythology of the Astrological signs. Hope you enjoyed them.

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