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Mythology Of Capricorn

Astrology: The Mythology of Capricorn

mythology of capricorn

Capricornus is Latin for Capricorn which means horned goat.

The mythology of Capricorn starts with Pricus a sea goat who was made immortal by the Greek Gods. Pricus had the ability to manipulate time. This gift came in handy because Pricus had lots of children who lived near the sea shore. These were not your ordinary variety of sea goats because they could think and speak. Lucky goats! Not so fast… When these sea goats find themselves on dry land they lose their abilities and turn into normal goats.


This is where Pricus turns back time over and over in an attempt to keep his kids from turning into your barnyard variety. He soon realizes that this isn’t working so he allows his kids to live out their own fates.


He becomes the only sea goat left and in his loneliness he asks Cronus ( Greek Titan God of Time) to let him die. We all know by now that Immortals cannot die so he spends eternity in the sky as the Constellation Capricorn ever watching over his children as they climb waves and mountains.

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