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Moon Signs Astrology

Astrology: Moon Signs pt I

moon signs astrology

Moon Signs – pt I. 

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo.

Some astrologers believe that the moon sign is as important as the sun sign and here’s why. Our birth sign or sun sign is all about what we are in the world. It’s our ego. It’s about fulfilling our outer purpose. The moon sign is all about our inner self, feeding the soul so to speak. It’s about who we truly are. It is our inner most emotional self and why we do what we do. Let’s get started…

moon in ares

Aries moon sign is happy, optimistic but very impatient. They bore easily and seek instant gratification. They do not take no for an answer and meet any challenge that comes their way. They do not seek or hold grudges and are extremely honest.

moon in taurus

Taurus moon sign is about feeling secure and happy. They love companionship and make extremely loyal friends and partners. They are not the most spontaneous person in the group but they are dependable and emotionally balanced. They are romantic and love good food and conversation. Possessions are important to them but not at the expense of family or friends. They have a quiet calm about them which can come off as unapproachable.

moon in gemini

Gemini moon sign in a word is moody. They have a tendency to speak before they think. They can also be great imitators. Gemini moon bores easily so they are always doing something. They are friendly and sociable and are good with words. Gemini moon is a good organizer and wants to help their friends solve their problems. They are loyal and loving. They can be very changeable but take their relationships seriously .

moon in cancer

Cancer moon sign is not only in touch with their feelings but the feelings of others. They like security and feel most comfortable at home with family and friends. They have a hard time moving on from hurt. On the other hand, they have a kooky sense of humor and can be very funny. Cancer moon sign may lack motivation and become sloppy and disorganized. For the most part, Cancer moon is nurturing, artistic and loves the home and family.


Leo moon sign loves to be the center of attention. They can also be bossy. Leo moon sign needs a lot of love to do well. They can sometimes be over dramatic. They are loyal and extremely generous. Their downfall is pride and they can be very stubborn. They have a tendency to think they are always right and don’t need to be told what to do. Leo moon sign loves to give advice but is not so good at receiving it. They can be somewhat materialistic but always kind enough to share.


Virgo moon sign is very helpful. They like taking care of others. They may lack a little self esteem that makes them come off as underachieving. Actually, they feel most comfortable with a set routine. They show affection in small ways and are trustworthy and reliable. They are extremely good at giving advice and are talented at comforting others. In that way they make good counselors. They keep their feelings to themselves making a romantic relationship somewhat testy. Virgo moon sign does best when kept busy and in control of their lives.

To determine your Moon has an easy-to-use Moon Sign Calculator.

Remember, you need your birth sign, time of birth and location of your birth.

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