Astrology: Moon Signs pt II

Moon Signs – pt II. 

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

As we discussed in pt I – Some astrologers believe that the moon sign is as important as the birth sign and here is why.

Our birth sign or sun sign is all about fulfilling out outer purpose, it’s our ego. The moon sign is about our inner self, feeding the soul, so to speak. It is about who we truly are. Our inner most emotional self and why we do what we do. So let’s get right to it.

Libra moon sign does not like to be alone. They feel best in a relationship. Having someone with them is comforting. Thank goodness they make friends easily. They have a knack for making everyone around them feel comfortable. They are usually cheerful yet they can become moody at times. Libra moon likes a good argument and they like to have the last word. Libra moon needs balance and can go over and over a decision to make sure they made the right one.


Scorpio moon sign is described by one word, intense. They have a way of looking into one’s deepest feelings. They thrive on drama and if life gets a little dull they will create excitement. They want it all and do nothing half-way. They expect a lot from a partner but once committed they are loyal and loving. Scorpio moon sign has great presence but needs to learn to control their emotions. When Scorpio moon wants something look out they are like a dog with a bone. They are charismatic and don’t like to be criticized. They are independent and have a hard time conforming to society’s rules.

Sagittarius moon sign is happy and free spirited. They need lots of space and activity. It can be travel,sports or socializing it really doesn’t matter. Sagittarius moon sign is competitive and they are natural athletes. They are optimistic, idealistic, and romantic. They believe everything will be OK. They can sometimes be impatient and can exhibit a dual personality of highs and lows. Sagittarius moon sign is a natural adventurer, loves to travel and need lots of space.

Capricorn moon sign needs to be of use, productive and have clear goals and boundaries.

They do not deal with their emotions or the emotions of others very well. They have a tendency to go to the”dark place” emotionally and become their own worst critic. Moon in Capricorn can come off distant and cold. They can be painfully aware of their weak points. They have a strong desire to be successful. Capricorn moon has a hard time showing or giving affection. The good news is they mellow with age and actually become lighter and fun to be around. They are ambitious and hard working and have a great respect for knowledge.

Aquarius moon sign people often feel “different”. They are loners at heart even though they can be quite sociable. They have strong egos and make it their business to not fit in. They love being unusual. Aquarius moon sign can be very stubborn but mellow out as they get older. They are kind,optimistic and loyal helping them attract lots of friends. They can be very intellectual and also childishly playful. They do not take criticism well but their charm makes it difficult to stay angry with them.

Pisces moon sign possesses strong psychic ability. They are empathetic of other people and are extremely soft hearted. They have a beautifully silly sense of humor and have a tendency to get lost in their made-up dream worlds. Pisces moon sign cares deeply about other people and the condition of the world. They understand the problems of those around them without having experienced them. These very sensitive people need to take care not to be taken advantage of. They need to recharge or risk developing anxieties and self-pity. Pisces moon are loyal friends, need meaning in their lives and do not care about material possessions.


To determine your Moon Sign– has an easy-to-use Moon Sign Calculator.

Remember, you need your birth sign, time of birth and location of your birth.

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