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Zodiac Colors

Astrological Tidbits – Key Phrases, Birthstones, & More

zodiac colors

In this blog I thought it might be fun to look at a few astrological topics that I have always found interesting. Let’s keep it light and have some fun, here goes…

Each astrological sign is associated with a key phrase. Let’s look at them…

Aries                            “I am”

Taurus                         “I have”

Gemini                         “I think”

Cancer                         “I feel”

Leo                               “I will”

Virgo                            “I analyze”

Libra                              “I balance”

Scorpio                         “I desire”

Sagittarius                     “I understand”

Capricorn                       “ I use”

Aquarius                       “I know”

Pisces                             “I believe”

These key phrases are interesting to me. Two words that describe a lot, don’t you think?

zodiac birthstones

Now let’s take a look at zodiacal birthstones, flowers, and colors.

Sign                Birthstone           Flower                                 Color

Aries               Diamond              Daisy                                    white or clear

Taurus           Emerald                 Lily of the valley           green

Gemini           Pearl                     Rose                                       white

Cancer          Ruby                       Larkspur                              red

Leo                  Peridot                   Poppy                                   pale green

Virgo               Sapphire               Aster                                      deep blue/indigo

Libra               Opal                       Marigold                                 multi colored

Scorpio           Topaz                     Chrysanthemum             yellow

Sagittarius     Turquoise             Narcissus                           blue

Capricorn       Garnet                   Carnation                          deep red

Aquarius         Amethyst               Violet                                 purple

Pisces               Aquamarine           Daffodil                             pale blue

Hope you enjoyed these astrological tidbits as much as I did. They may even help give you ideas for holiday shopping.


That’s it for now

Keep the Peace

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