The Astrological Events of October and their Impact on you

There are always astronomical aspects and transits occurring that impact our lives. Most of them go unnoticed. However one of the most important astrological events of this season will take place on October 10th. This is good news as the astrological events about to take place will help us overcome obstacles and help direct us in the right direction to prepare for the coming New Year. So here’s what you need to know, and what lays ahead for the rest of October.

October 5th – Full moon in Aries

Today you will be forced to face the obstacles holding you back in life. This Aries full moon is going to be an obstacle crusher. Whatever obstacles are in your way, this full moon is going to help you break past them as long as you are willing to surrender and release your fears. Spontaneity is good and will help you to achieve your goals, as long as it doesn’t develop into impulsivity.

October 10th – Jupiter enters Scorpio

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th 2017 and stays in this fixed water sign until November 8th 2018. Jupiter’s transit through intense and passionate Scorpio urges us to go after our hearts desires. As Jupiter moves through Scorpio, we learn and understand that in order to heal, we have to cut out the fluff and focus on what really matters to us. However remain cautious of over indulgence, moderation does not come easily to neither Jupiter nor Scorpio.

October 17th – Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio makes you a great observer, especially when it comes to emotions, desires, and thoughts. Your ideas will become more profound and intimate. Mercury in Scorpio stands for personal truths, not universal truths. You will have time to explore universal truths when Mercury moves into Sagittarius in November.

October 19th – New Moon in Libra

This freedom seeking new moon is in an exact opposition to Uranus. Unpredictable events have the ability to turn your life upside down. The decisions you make during this time can change your life completely. Because the New Moon is in Libra, the freedom you are seeking right now is not about being on your own, or doing what you want. Libra is about relationships. So make sure that you and your partner are not smothering each other during this time of needing freedom.


October 23rd – Sun enters Scorpio

Happy birthday to all the Scorpios out there! For the rest of October and November you will have both Sun and Jupiter in your sign, so make sure you make the best out of this very positive energy. This is sure to be a great time for you!



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