Astral Sex or Nightmare

We have all heard about Dr. Stella Immanuel and if you are wondering if you are plagued by astral demon sex or just having a nightmare, we have some answers for you.

Originally an important Middle Eastern goddess and often fused with Inanna, Lilith became the archetype of sexual primal force that has a pariah status within the conservative Jewish culture. Legend has it that the incubi and succubi came from the community between Lilith and Samael. They were responsible for erotic fantasies, drives and desires and were particularly fond of lonely travelers and men, who had been away from their wives for a longer period of time. They caused wet dreams and thus the loss of precious life energy and from this wasted seed new incubi or succubi were born. This belief is not limited to Jewish culture, but we also find it in the Taoists tradition in China.

Incubi-type entities usually attack quickly and with great force. Their victims usually sleep, but not always. Sometimes they attack someone in their sleep, sometimes when someone is awake, but relaxed. During the first type of attack, the incubus attaches itself directly to the genital energy center and very quickly causes a forced orgasm. The second type of attack works with the telepathic and hypnotic transmission of sexual dreams or illusions, along with the stimulation of the genital center. When someone wakes up during the attack, the incubus will often create the illusion of a beautiful human body that sits on top of the victim and performs all kinds of sexual acts. The end result is always the same; an orgasm that is many times more intense and intense than the victim can normally get. This is due to the direct stimulation of the second chakra.

As a rule, people who are visited by an incubus or succubus at night nurture strong or even fundamentalist taboos on masturbation and feelings of lust. If you look at the old sources, nuns in monasteries are particularly badly affected. In today’s Israel, psychiatrists have their hands full with the psychological problems of young orthodox men, due to the ban on masturbation.

If you are waking after vivid dreams or nightmares of sex with your heart pounding and body sweating but have not had an orgasm chances are it is just that a dream or nightmare. However, if you find yourself waking having had an orgasm you may want to look into some protection from the spirit realm.



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