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Astral Travel

Beginning your Journey into Astral Projection

astral travel

Unlike other psychic abilities, everyone is capable of astral projection. For some people, it came naturally and was something they have just always been able to do. For others, it may require some effort to have intentional out of body experiences. While the amount of effort may change from person to person no matter who you are you can learn to astral project. A true out of body experience (astral projection) needs three things. You need to take off, manage to stay lucid while out and to be able to recall the experience once you have returned to your physical body.

Take off

first learning to astral project

When first learning to astral project, you need to start by understanding how to “take off.” Taking off is at its core the process of relaxing the physical body enough that your astral body, your psychosoma, is able to release itself onto the astral plane. You will also need to release the binding between your physical and astral body, known as your energy body. Your energosoma can be relaxed by unblocking your chakras. If you aren’t sure how to do that yet don’t worry, it isn’t absolutely necessary. It will just make the process easier and smoother.

Stay lucid

fully experience an astral journey

Remaining lucid is the most important part of this process. To fully experience your astral journey you need to be aware, cognizant, and able to make sense of the things around you. Your physical body can be awake or asleep, only the lucidity of your astral body matters during your journey. However, it is easier if you put your physical body to sleep when you begin traveling, once you have gotten better at it, you can start learning to travel from a meditative state.

Recall the Journey

Recall the Journey

Remembering the experience after you have returned to your body is the ultimate goal of astral projection. This part may prove to be the one that takes the most practice and effort. Information can be lost during the process of returning to your physical body. Since while you astral travel your extraphysical brain is what processes everything when you wake your physical body and your physical brain takes over if you have not created a bridge for this information it may be lost. You will need to learn to wake up slowly while keeping your attention on your journey as you reconnect.

Remember practice makes perfect. Happy journeys.