Are your spirit guides trying to reach you

Most people are familiar with out to reach out to their spirit guides and deities, however many people are not sure of how to recognize when those guides are reaching out to them. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for to make sure your receiving any messages they are trying to get through to you.


 Do you catch movement out of the corner of your eye? Or perhaps if you are more in tuned you see lights or orbs? Seeing flashing or sparkling lights however, could indicate that angels or guides are close by. Another sign is if you are seeing butterflies, dragonflies, or moths in unusual places. These delicate creatures are often representative of the spirit realm.



Do you randomly hear your name being called or whispered but no one is around to have spoken to you? Maybe just a high pitched ringing after you have said or thought about something important. Or do you have random songs pop into your head that seem to play on repeat? This can often be a sign from your guides and often the song being played holds a special message that we need to pay attention to.


One of the most common ways spirit guides will reach out to us is through our dreams. Having the same dream over and over again, or an extremely vivid dream is often a way in which the divine communicates with us. If dreams like this occur, its best to write them down and reflect back on them later in the day as to what they may mean. Often the feeling that the dream leaves, not so much the content holds the answer.




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