Are twins proof of Telepathy

Are Twins proof of Telepathy

Telepathy is one of the most well know psychic abilities, some researchers have been running experiments with twins that could yield interesting examinations on the capacity of the human brain and the potential for telepathic connection.

The Houghton twins’ story is one of the most well known accounts of the psychic connection that is said to exist between many twins, especially identical twins. One day, 15-year-old Gemma Houghton was suddenly struck with the strong feeling that her twin sister Leanne was in trouble. Gemma hurried to the bathroom, where she knew Leanne was taking a bath and found her sister submerged, unconscious and turning blue. Leanna is an epileptic and had suffered a seizure in the tub. Gemma pulled her sister from the tub, administered CPR and revived her, saving her life. “I got this sudden feeling to check on her. It was like a voice telling me ‘your sister needs you’,” Gemma later told reporters. “She was under the water. At first, I thought she was washing her hair or playing a trick, but when I lifted her head out I saw she had turned blue. I knew she’d had a fit.” Had Gemma not been compelled by that feeling to check on her sister, Leanne almost certainly would have drowned.

Another widely know incidence is the story of the twins known as the “Jim Twins”. This set of twins were not raised together, but ended up marrying women with the same exact names, and even named their children and pet dog the same. Researchers believe twin telepathy could have been a determining factor in this story because identical twins have the same brain patterns, explaining why they would each marry a woman with the same name and call their children by the same names. Researchers even said twins who are raised separately can prove to be more similar than twins who are raised together because “many times when twins are raised together they feel the need to make themselves unique and to stand apart from their twin, causing them to act or do something differently than their twin simply because their twin does it that way.”

A study conducted by Robert Sommer, Humphrey Osmond, and Lucille Pancyr who interviewed pairs of twins to determine if they ever experienced twin telepathy. At the end of the study, 12 out of 34 people said they could “communicate telepathically”, which is a decent amount in the science field. In addition, a girl said to have broken her ankle in a bike accident. Her twin reported to have swelling on the identical ankle from which her sister broke, but did not do anything to cause the swelling.




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