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Are they your soulmate or Twin Flame

Are they your Soulmate or Twin Flame

We have all heard of soulmates. That perfect person you meet at the perfect time. Your connection feels like it was written in the stars and the whole universe aligned to make it happen. They “get us” and we “get them”, almost like we are cut from the same energetic cloth. Meeting a soulmate is a life changing experience, but what if that person isn’t actually your soulmate but your twin flame? Here are some signs to help you figure out if you have entered into a twin flame relationship.

Twin flame connections are almost always intense, life-altering relationships. They help people grow in ways they never could otherwise. Twin flames share an identical energetic frequency and they require us to change our outdated ways of thinking and being. One super common misconception of twin flame relationships is the idea that the journey will be all sunshine and roses. We might wish this was the case. But if it were, no growth would happen, and the connection would be pointless.

Do they have strengths and flaws that are different from your own? If yes, it’s probably a soulmate connection. Twin flames, on the other hand, are a mirrored match. You’ll have similar strengths and struggles. This can cause you both to have similar triggers but its important to remember that while the anxiety and worries might be unpleasant, it’s all part of the process. The same is true for the intense fights and feelings that say you should run away from them. Let your twin flame highlight the places that need shadow work and love in yourself.

There is a synchronicity that appears when you find your twin flame. Do you share the same birthday? Love the same strange tv shows? Are you both drawn to a particular place or number? Twin flames usually have lots of things in common. Do you feel as if you have always known this person? Are you able to be totally open and real with them? If so chances are you have found yourself in a twin flame connection.



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