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Angel numbers in Numerology

What are Angel numbers? They are sequences usually three or four numbers that repeat themselves such as 555 or 999, they carry a specific meaning, but what significance do numbers take on when you start noticing them everywhere? Throughout history numbers have held a special place amongst cultures, religions, and nations. 7 is one of the most sanctified numbers in the Holy Bible, 666 is ‘the number of the beast’, and 13 is deemed by many to be a ‘jinx’. Seeing repeating numbers sometimes becomes more than a mere coincidence. The concept of sequential repetition of numbers is known in numerology as angel numbers. If you’ve been mulling over why you see these numbers, what message do they carry, and whether or not they signify anything at all you’ve come to the right place.

Angel numbers represent the means by which the spiritual realm communicates with the physical world. The concept is based on the tenets of numerology, each number is related to specific vibrational energy or frequency which carries a symbolic meaning beyond its sheer numeric value. Angel numbers may hold a special significance to their recipient, an important birthday, lucky number, or a memorable date, but they can also be a completely random sequence of digits that keep occurring over and over again.

Next time you see a repeating number, ask yourself what you were doing at that moment, how were you feeling, or what were you thinking. Try to establish a pattern when angel numbers occur to you. Tap into your intuition and listen to what it has to say. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can help you achieve the tranquil phase more easily.

A scientific concept or a sign from the other side, achieving a balance between spirituality and facts is something we all should strive for. Even though we should not neglect the potential scientific rationale behind seeing repeating numbers, we also ought to not forget to nourish and hearken to our intuition.


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