All About Angel Cards

What are angel cards? These cards are also known as Oracle cards, and like Tarot cards, angel cards can give advice on relationships, careers, and finances.

The decks of the Angel cards contain animals, angels, trees, gods or chakra and each card is different from one another. Unlike the Tarot cards, however, Oracle cards have to be different, with the Tarot card deck many are similar to each other.

Someone who gives readings with the Angel Card Deck is known as an Angel Message Reader. If you would like a reading because you’re missing something on your path of life, or your energy is not the same as it once was, then getting Angel card reading is a popular option.

How do you use Angel Cards?

First, you have to clear the deck- each reading has the latest energy in them. They absorb all the energy present so you must clear the deck before doing a reading.


Second- You have to prepare your deck by touching each card to transfer your energy into them.

Third- Shuffle the deck.

Fourth- You need to pick a card.

Finally, most decks come with a guidebook, study this book to know the meanings of each card resented in your reading.


Good luck!




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