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Am I sick of having a Spiritual Awakening?

Am I Sick or having a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening can be described as many things. A sudden discovery of self, a realization of truth, even the shattering of your current reality. Put plainly, a spiritual awaking is when your sense of self is suddenly thrust into the limelight. You will begin to question everything you have ever been taught and may feel simultaneously separated from the world and more connected to it than ever before. Because of the rapid and abrupt shift in all that you are and know, many people also feel physically unwell during an awakening. If you are wondering if you are going through a spiritual awakening, or maybe just have covid we are here to help explain some sure ways to know the difference.

You may experience physical signs of your spiritual awakening rising such as extreme fatigue, brain fog, or forgetfulness. Many people say they experience recurrent headaches as well. Some people find themselves so unwell they have sought out a doctor to see if it is a flu. If you aren’t sure the following are signs that your sickness is more spiritual in nature.

Are you feeling emotionally unstable and easily drained. This fatigue can be attributed to a spiritual awakening if you find its happening in conjunction with heightened awareness. You may find your natural intuition feels as though it’s on speed. When the phone rings, you already know it’s your mother. Your empathy may be becoming more aware not only of the emotions of others but of the nature that surrounds you. Processing this shift is extremely draining for your brain and can result in exhaustion both mentally and physically. Take some time to ground yourself and try silk wrapping your head for a night.

Being faced with the possibility that your old life is no longer serving you. No longer satisfying you spiritually or physically you may find yourself feeling increasingly disconnected from your old and current world as you work to find out your truth. Many people also experience a wide variety of synchronicities from seeing the same numbers over and over again to lucid dreams they then experience shortly after. You may experience simultaneously occurring events that appear to be related to each other. This can also manifest as Deja Vu.


Experiencing nature on a more thoughtful and conscious level is a great way to assist your spiritual awakening. Spending time outdoors in quiet peaceful places, preferably with your shoes off to ground yourself and feel the vibrations and energy that rise from the soil can help with feelings of disconnection and loneliness as well as help sooth the general sensations of being unwell.


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