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Alternate Applications of Astrology

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Many people consider astrology to be an art, however by some it is considered to be a science. Regardless of its undefined status it has crossed into many fields. Many of these you may not have even known employed astrology. Check out these surprising alternate applications of astrology.

Breeding Animals

It may seem bizarre to think animals can show different traits based on their signs, but that’s exactly what some animal breeders do. Charts for newly birthed animals are created based on the constellations and planetary alignment. This determines when the animals could breed, be altered, or weaned.

WW2 predictions

Hitler was obsessed with astrology. He consulted with his personal astrologers before he would take part in any mission. His reliance on astrology was so well known that the British planted Louis de Wohl. Wohl was a Hungarian astrologer who was to make predictions that the stars were not favoring Hitler, also to advise him not to make any important decisions.

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The Medicine Wheel

Did you sprain your ankle? That’s due to Pisces. Prior to modern technology and science physicians used star charts to diagnose and treat patients. They believed the stars were responsible for all diseases.

Alternate lives

Your birth chart can be used to determine numerous things about your present life, but did you know it can also tell you things about your past and future lives? While nothing will provide as much information as a past life reading understanding your zodiac can provide insight to personality traits of your life cycles.

Hiring Employees

This has created a bit of an uproar however the government has sided with a company in Austria who is hiring based on zodiac signs. The company placed an ad looking for “…people over 20 for part-time jobs in sales and management with the following star signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.” The insurance company conducted a statistical study in which they found that their best employees had one of those 5 star sings. Authorities have approved this selection choice saying the company isn’t discriminating since the selections aren’t based on race, age, or gender. You can read what the company is saying for yourself here.