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All About Scorpios

All about Scorpio

all about scorpiosThe Zodiac sign Scorpio covers Birthdays from  October 23rd to November 21st.

Scorpio symbol

Some of Scorpio’s traits include: brave, a good friend, stubborn, passionate, jealous, keeps secrets, does not trust easily, can be violent.

Scorpio scorpion

Scorpios like facts, being right always, being friends for life, playfully teasing, honest people, passion.

Scorpio’s do not like liars, telling secrets, and people who are passive.

This is a fixed water sign. Their colors are red and scarlet, they are ruled by Pluto, and mars.

Scorpio astrology traits

Scorpio’s are determined and will go above and beyond to find out the truth if they want to. They are passionate and very assertive. Resourceful and can be a great leader when they put their minds to it.  They are ruled by their emotions, however, they express their emotions differently than most water signs. They will however always keep your secrets no matter what.


As the most sensual sign of the zodiac, Scorpio’s   Love intimacy and when they fall in love they are the most faithful dedicated lover. They love honest and intelligent partners. They do not, however, fall in love quickly or without much thought, they are very careful who they give their hearts to.

small scorpio symbol

Because Scorpio’s are great leaders their ideal jobs would be something in management, they are goal oriented and accomplish their goals especially when they put their minds to it.

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  1. I am can relate. I know a few of them and the ones I know have really good attitudes and are so nice. I know one who it a bit on the mean side but has passion. I can truly say they do have lots of passion with in them.

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