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All about Ophiuchus


Perhaps you have heard about the Zodiac changing? The addition of Ophiuchus has impacted the dates and as a result has shifted many peoples Zodiac signs. As is turns out- Ophiuchus was a part of the Zodiac all along, but it was cut out of the traditional astrology charts by the ancient Babylonians. They wanted a 12-month Zodiac calendar, so out went Ophiuchus and the other dates got moved around to compensate. Ophiuchus has always been a part of Japanese astrology traditions, and Ophiuchus is a legitimate constellation. If the changes have put you under Ophiuchus don’t worry we have the information on your new sign that you need to know.

Who is Now Ophiuchus?

If you were born between November 30th and December 17th you may be affected by this new change. However since astrologers have only recently begun accepting it into the charts if you were born before 2009 these changes are said to have no effect on you.

OphiuchusIf this is your new sign you are probably very curious about it. Since Ophiuchus is a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. Ophiuchus people are said to have Scorpio’s sexual allure and magnetic personalities. While they are passionate they can also be very jealous. However they do share some traits with Sagittarius also. They can be flamboyant dressers and the good luck associated with most Sagittariuses.

New Zodiac
When will Ophiuchus be Reflected in Horoscopes?

While news of Ophiuchus is new and surprising to some people, practitioners of sidereal or Vedic astrology are already familiar with the serpent bearer. However many current astrologers are not embracing the changes. It will be entirely up to you to decide which horoscope chart you prefer. Your relationship with your sign is yours and yours alone, therefore if you identify more with Ophiuchus than Scorpio or Sagittarius you should seek out an astrologer who does recognize the charts that incorporate it.