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All about Lithomancy


What is Lithomancy? Psychics practice this type of fortune telling utilizing stones and the reflected light created to fulfill a fortune telling session. This practice of fortune telling is primarily used in the British Isles.

In order to practice lithomancy, you will first need stones.

These stones should be around the same size.

Most fortune tellers who practice use 16 stones in total.

However, others prefer 13 or 14.

Each stone represents an aspect of your life.

You can draw on the stones to mark them with astrological symbols.

Lithomancy circle

Your stones should include a representation of The Universe, which in turn, represents the Eternity of life.

The Spirit represents your inner self.

The Sun represents energy.

The Moon represents intuition.

Mercury represents intelligence.

Venus represents love and happiness.

Mars represents courage.

Jupiter represents finances.

Saturn represents health.

Earth represents the family.

Water represents healing.

Air represents desire.

Fire represents passion.

These are some basic stones that you can use:


You can use crystals and gems, however, any stone that you can find will do in order to perform a Lithomancy reading.

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