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All about The Jupiter Finger


In Palmistry, there are several different lines in your palm and each finger has a different name, the index finger is known as the Jupiter Finger.


The Jupiter Finger controls a person’s capacity to lead. Your ego, success in life, and your spirituality are controlled by this finger. If your index finger is long, you are confident, strong, most likely will not change your ways, and you love to take charge.  Some individuals may stop at nothing to achieve their goals. When the finger is short, the person is shy, full of self-doubt and afraid of failure. Horizontal lines are an indication that someone is going to betray you, and Vertical lines have a direct connection to the health of the thyroid.

If the Jupiter Finger is longer then your ring finger which would mean that you have an excess of energy, especially with your leadership. You were definitely born to be a leader, and nothing will get in your way to maintain your leadership.

Since we use our index finger when we are angry, or trying to get our point across we tend to use this finger to point. This is why if your finger is longer then your ring finger the more power you have.