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All about Aura Layers

human aura

An aura is the energy field surrounding you entire body. No matter the color someone’s aura, all auras are made up of the same layers. These layers each correspond to a specific chakra. Each layer also has its own qualities and characteristics. A person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health can affect the size of the aura, however the aura layers themselves don’t change. They only expand and contract in direct result of those factors. The following is a description of each of the 7 layers that make up everyone’s aura.

human aura layers
Etheric Aura

The first aura layer, which is closest to the physical body holds information on your physical health. It emanates from the root chakra. It can extend up to approximately two inches outside the physical body. Its color shades are shades of blue.

aura chart of human body
Emotional Layer

The second layer extends between one to three inches outside the physical body. It emanates from the sacral chakra. As its name suggests this field holds emotional energy and feelings. This layers colors are usually a bright rainbow combination, however when feeling negative emotions the colors can become muddied or shadowed.

aura image
Mental Layer

The third layer can extend anywhere from three to eight inches from the physical body. It emanates from the solar chakra. It contains ideas, thoughts, and mental processes. It is also influenced by ego and personal will power. This layer is usually shades of yellow.

aura full of colors
Astral Layer

The fourth level spreads out about one foot from the physical body. It is connected to the heart chakra. This layer acts as a bridge between the lower three and outer three layers. It is the doorway to the astral plane. Much like the third layer this layer carries octaves of higher emotions such as love and compassion. When in good physical and spiritual health this layer is the colors of a vibrant rainbow. However negative emotions towards self or other such as a loss of love can affect the colors of this layer.

Etheric Template
Etheric Template/Layer

The fifth layer protrudes about two feet outward. It is connected to the throat chakra. It stores creative energy that can eventually manifest into physical reality. It basically stores the blue print foe everything created on the physical plane. Due to the negative space it creates colors in this layer can vary.

The Celestial-Hologramatic Layer
The Celestial/Hologramatic Layer

The sixth layer can extend up to two and a half feet. It corresponds to the brow chakra. This layer holds the space of our perception. It is also the center for imagination, insight, and intuition. This layer consists of a multitude of opalescent pastel colors.

Ketheric Template-Layer
Ketheric Template/Layer

The seventh layer can extend over three feet. It corresponds to he crown chakra. It represents the universal connection with everything that exists. At this point the universe and the individual become one. It reflects all of the experiences your soul has undergone. Vibrating at the highest frequency it is composed of thread of bright shining gold.